18 Nov. 2019

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LJMU ready to start pushing on this project.

Review of decisions:

  • retain both red and blue optimized modes
  • defined final filter size (for system of three sliders)

-- need to look at which direction to be sliding: parallel or perpendicular to grism slide

  • mounting will be on axis
  • mounting plate will be a thick piece of Al, machined at SAAO (once James has final Zemax, he can provide reference plane for attachment)
  • would still like to meet schedule of commissioning mid 2020

Action items:

  • ALL: regular meetings, fortnightly on Friday at 10 UT/12 SAST, starting 29 Nov.
  • James: send link to filter mechanism controllers to Stuart and Alli
  • James: talk with Hitesh (electronics) about best ways to control filter mechanism
  • Iain/LJMU: update CAD and send most recent versions of CAD and Zemax to SAAO
  • Amanda: distribute decision on CCD type and coating
  • Chris/Carel: to connect re: software as needed