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How to close the roof

  • Park the telescopes using the command "slew stow" in any terminal window on the TCS machine (computer keyboard/screen nearest the door). The username/password is written on the white board. If this command does not work, try the command "park".
  • Check that the telescopes are out of the way of the roof. If not, use a 13mm spanner to loosen-off the RA and Dec drive clamps and move the telescopes to a safe position by hand. Remember to tighten (but don't over-tighten) the drive clamps afterwards. There is a tool box on the floor in the mount room.
  • On the observer machine, enter the command "close_roof" in any terminal window. (Same username/password as tcs).
  • If this does not work, use the grey box on the wall of the computer room to close the roof. Press "START" to power-up the hydraulics, the hold the "CLOSE" button until the roof is closed. Press "STOP" to shut-down the motor. Twist the STOP button to release it when you have finished.
  • In an emergency only, and if there is no power you can use the spanner next to the box WEATHER STATION POWER SUPPLY to undo the 3 bolts that hold the roof onto the hydraulic ram and push the roof closed by hand (this is a two-person job).

Created to document the systems at the SuperWASP telescope.

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