Lesedi HR Spectrograph (name TBD)

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Lesedi HRS Project Wiki

  • This wiki is for construction of a high-resolution spectrograph on the 1-m Lesedi telescope in Sutherland. We anticipate future wikis for the user manual and for technical support.
  • The SAAO and Christian Schwab (Macquarie Univ. and AAO) are collaborating on the project.
  • The instrument is based on a design that Christian modified from NEID, an innovative HRS for use on the 3.5-m WIYN (https://neid.psu.edu/). We are hoping to reach a few m/sec accuracies for radial velocity measurements on Lesedi.

Project Team

Remote Expert & Collaborator: Christian Schwab (Macquarie U./AAO)

Instrument PI: Hannah Worters

Project Sponsor/Co-I: Amanda Sickafoose

Co-Is/Postdocs/Student: Nic Erasmus, others?

Local Expert Consultant: Lisa Crause

Mechanical Design:James O'Connor (oversight), Egan Loubser, Craig Sass

Software Engineers: Carel van Gend, Briehan Lombaard


  • Add notes from Christian's emails here
  • Rough purchasing list from Chris' visit 03/2018. He can likely supply the prism, collimator, and fiber injection:
   $35k  bench optics
   $55k Echelle grating
   $3k fiber injection optics
   $30k collimator/ADC/refocus mechanism


  • We have gone through the SAAO CCD store, and there are 5 engineering CCDs from SALTICAM and RSS (e2V 44-82, 1k x 2k) that can be considered:
Serial No. Coating Failure QE (350,400,500,650,900,1000 nm) Located
01394-08-01 astrobroadband fullwell 129k (vs. 150) 54,70,78,75,45,10 ??
01394-21-01 coated CTE 99.9985 16,39,65,97,60,13 in lab
01451-16-02 coated CTE 99.977 13,35,68,86,54,10 in lab
01502-15-01 coated low level structure @ 350nm 15,44,27,75,60,13 in lab
04484-03-02 AR coated low QE (3%) at 400 nm 41,67,80,80,53,10 in lab