6 Mar. 2020

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1. Mechanical design and interfaces

  • Filter slides in detailed stages. Stuart to create a step file from the Zemax with fixed workplanes to aid referencing individual CAD assemblies.
  • Kathryn to set up interactive cable/equipment list based on Coggle diagram received, detailing by all parties

  • 2. Parts procurement

  • Nikon has been received
  • CCD has been ordered from Andor

    3. Software
  • Software working group to be formed, first meeting in the 1200 SAST time slot on 2020/03/13. Carel will invite the relevant SAAO parties.
  • Draft functionality requirements from SAAO side to be developed during the course of the week, for discussion Friday - Carel to distribute
  • Draft capabilities and any interactive requirements from LJMU side to be developed (i.e. what commands and information do LJMU currently expect the instrument to issue)

    4. Slit
  • SAAO to discuss slit requirements
  • LJMU manufacture these in house, so it can be any configuration
  • Iain distributed an example multi-width slit arrangement they have in use
    Slit example iain 20200306.png

    5. Schedule and reviews

  • A hardware design review is required to push forward on manufacturing - target end March
  • Durations estimates from LJMU:
  • From design review ~ 2 months for hardware manufacture
  • From manufacture ~ 2 months for setup and lab testing
  • Software effort unknown at this stage
  • Area on wiki to be set up with FAT topics & prelim delivery placeholders (Kathryn)