27 Oct. 2018

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  • (1) Hannah to send Iain telescope optical prescription (done).
  • (2) Consideration of mounting, in terms of peripherals and control equipment — basically starting to think about packaging and how much needs to be mounted on the port vs. off to the sides, note that control of moving parts will be pneumatic (James/Egan).
  • (3) Question of which coating to buy for the Andor iDus camera -- new option has higher QE over wider range, but higher dark current (Amanda & Hannah)
  • (4) Question of whether we want two optimized wavelength settings, like SPRAT, or only one — the former aren’t being well used on SPRAT and the latter saves a moving part. although they say that they have plans to ensure that part is more reliable than the current version (Amanda & Hannah)
  • (5) Think about optimal slit size — 1.5” min, could be up to 2”, could also consider stepped slit — these are laser cut, and we could request more than one (Amanda & Hannah)
  • (6) Thinking about .fits header information for compatibility with data reduction pipeline, and how to integrate TCS with instrument to allow automated acquisition (Carel)