24 Jan. 2019

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Minutes Lesedi-SPRAT 24/01/2020:

  • 1. Iain has emailed pdf showing optical design and performance. We will go through it and give final go ahead
  • 2. Iain received prices for Andor and options. Will send an email with the options
  • 3. Kathryn/James showed LJMU CAD design with our slide design incorporated and gave overview
  • 4. Iain confirms 300um repeatability is acceptable for spectrograph broadband filter, no effect on spectra, only flat fielding of imaging is sensitive to position repeatability
  • 5. Iain confirmed 30x30mm filter clear aperture of current design is perfect. No vignetting expected
  • 6. Iain confirmed for SPRAT LT spectrograph that the spectrograph filter is fixed component (doesn’t move in and out of beam)
  • 7. Steward confirms no clash with our HRS/guider pickoff and their calibration pickoff (ours outside SPRAT flange, theirs inside)
  • 8. We will send current slide design for them to see form factor, we will finalise design in next 4 weeks.
  • 9. Carel indicated we want API with thrift layer. LJMU agreed that makes sense. Carel and Chris will communicate and clarify software issues.
  • 10. LJMU will supply computer and software.
  • 11. We need to double check that new Andor camera can be triggered with GPS like older SHOC models. Iain says they have input for tigger. Spec sheets also states external trigger possible.
  • 12. Steward says the actuators have mounting pieces. Will we use them? They look pretty flimsy apparently.

Action items:

  • Carel will start some document for software functionality and touch base with Chris to move things forward.
  • Nic/Hannah/Hitesh need to go through Iains optical design pdf and give go-ahead with design.
  • LJMU will send list of peripheral components: where, what, cables etc. Kathryn wills send current cable wrap design.
  • Kathryn will send slide design incorporated into their CAD, Kathryn will finalise design in next 4 weeks.
  • Nic will check 300 (600, 900) um shift of dust spec effect on flat field using Iain Zemax file to verify 300um position repeatability of filter actuators is